Import of sawn and planed hardwood timber.

Hardwood specialist from source to finish

Novum Timber

We are the specialist for the import and distribution of sawn and planed hardwood timber for the garden – and road and hydraulic engineering products. Years of importing and distributing timber has provided us with valuable and long-lasting supplier relationships.

These valuable supply lines ensure delivery straight from the source, in full compliance with international quality standards. We are your expert partner when it comes to quality, continuity and sustainability.

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Hardwood poles, beams, bulkheads, cutlery, planed rules, slats and screens. All available in many standard sizes or custom made.

Timber species

Comprehensive information on wood species, such as grain and wire description, origin and application of hardwood.

Sustainable world

Hardwood for a sustainable world. For responsible forest management, the preservation of forests and the protection of the habitat of plants and animals.

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