Specialist in the import and distribution of sawn and planed hardwood.

A solid foundation leads to a solid result.

‘Do what you love, and love what you do.’

We are able to import high-quality and legal timber. This is the foundation of our company.

Attractive, fair products at affordable pricing is our aim. This calls for solid communication, both internally and with our suppliers abroad.

We are a complete supplier on all fronts: fast delivery, quality, expertise and competitive pricing. In short, we are a supplier in tune with customer needs.

Why Novum Timber?

A passion for hardwood

Novum Timber combines its passion for hardwood with expert (market) knowledge on timber and its import & distribution.

Verification of legality

Novum Timber has third party checks for the legality of its products and complies with numerous quality marks and requirements.

Act quickly

Novum Timber moves quickly between supply and demand. Our pricing is fair and our communication lines are short.

When opportunities arise, don’t hesitate.

‘Knowledge and expertise are key.’

This is what it felt like when we started Novum Timber in December 2019; importing hardwood directly from the source, focusing on legality and sustainability.

Our timber products are subject to the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). The purpose of this Regulation is to combat illegal logging and to contribute to sustainable forestry in the country of origin. It all starts at the source, and that calls for knowledge and expertise.

Every product we import has to comply with certain standards. That’s the foundation of trading hardwood products.

To succeed, you have to believe in something passionately enough to make it a reality.

Dick van LeeuwenNovum Timber