Meet Our Team

Melissa Hodžić – van Gaalen

Administrative assistant

After a number of years working mainly in the insurance business, I was looking for something different.
I recently joined Novum Timber, a job where my two interests come together: administration and wood!
A few years ago I started making furniture, in my spare time I am very busy with this and therefore you can usually find me in my workshop.
In addition, I have been a horse girl since childhood and I own two beautiful horses.
Here at Novum, you can find me at the office. Here, I deal with invoices, purchasing contracts and everything related to this.
In between, I also try to learn something about these great products that are sold here.

Henk Kremers

Logistics Employee

Henk is our hardworking logistics man from Delden.
This Logistics centipede takes care of the logistics part of the company from A to Z.
With his don't talk but work hard mentality, Henk is our driving force behind logistics.

Leroy Bruinsma

Operational & sales assistant

Introducing: our operations & sales employee Leroy Bruinsma
This Drenthe man in heart and soul has just started in the hardwood industry but is already becoming a real woodworm.
Organizing is really his thing and he shows that within Novum Timber BV.
Leroy can perfectly balance customer-oriented solutions with the most efficient internal order processing.
Looking for a quick and good solution and structurally improving deviations is Leroy's passion.
Leroy is also willing to lend a hand outside.
Sometimes a forklift truck or cleaning up the yard are things he does not run away from.
Would you like to meet this friendly guy from Drenthe?

Leroy can be reached at the office 0523-291112 or by email

Patrick Dickhoff

Salesperson - Germany

Patrick is our cheerful German colleague from Laer.
He has been working in the hardwood industry for years.
With his enthusiasm, drive and knowledge and expertise of hardwood, Patrick is an important link within Novum Timber for the German market.
when Patrick is not busy with hardwood, he and his wife are busy with dog sports. The passion and love for dog sports is beautiful to see! Would you like to contact Patrick?
You can reach him by mail and telephone - 0049 (0)151 619 47415

Richard Hamminga

logistics employee

Has started on the first of February as logistics employee with Novum Timber BV.

Dick van Leeuwen


With almost 20 years of experience in selling hardwood and managing an import company, in December 2019 we set up a hardwood import company with Novum Timber BV that wants to distinguish itself in the market as a transparent company that wants to focus on a sustainable and legal product. I am adept at developing sales & marketing ideas and being able to apply them directly in practice. With my passion I am driven to follow all wood trends and to translate this into targeted possibilities. I am a committed person, with a great sense of justice and and a gaze that always looks over the horizon. In my spare time I like to spend time with my two daughters and wife. For relaxation, I like to hit a ball on the tennis court and of course cheer on my favorite football club! Would you like to know more about Novum Timber or about me? call or email me +31613325013 -

Michel Deddens

Inside sales

Michel Deddens our enthusiastic Drenth from 1979 is our new star in inside sales.

Martijn Fick

Salesperson - Export

Martijn is our co-worker living in the Hague, responsible for the European market.
He has been working in the hardwood sector for many years now.
Enthusiastic and driven Martijn is the link between Novum Timber and the European market.

Most weekends you can find Martijn at the hockey fields with his family at the matches for his son and daughter.
He also likes watching football and Formula 1 and visiting concerts.

Would you like to contact Martijn?
Please feel free to call send a Whatsapp or text message to 31 611888796 or send an email to