Why choose Novum Timber's hardwood?

Why choose a hardwood

decking or fence?

For as long as we can remember, wood has been used as a material for many indoor and outdoor applications. It has proven itself to be reliable and durable.

Wood is always the best option due to its cycle of use. Be it about appearance or sustainability, wood offers many benefits over concrete or synthetic materials.

The benefits of hardwood

Hardwood is suitable for structural applications. It is strong and resilient. In addition, our timber is sustainable, maintenance-free and has an insulating effect. Over time, it weathers into a beautiful, natural grey tone.


Trees in the rainforest can be harvested after 20 to 120 years, while oil and ore take centuries to develop.

Retain CO2

Trees are capable of removing carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis. Compared to other fossil materials, it has much lower CO2 emissions.


Due to its unique cell structure, wood has very good insulating properties, which are 15 times higher than concrete, 400 times higher than steel and 1770 higher than aluminium.


Hardwood has a high tensile strength and a relatively low weight. As its name implies, hardwood species are strong, but also durable and stable.


Timber is extremely versatile when it comes to design flexibility. It lets you do anything, from historical details to restoration.


Timber products are easy to maintain and adapt seamlessly to trends. Any damage is easily repaired.


No other material is as easily recyclable as wood. The recycle process does not consume large amounts of energy.


Timber is a natural product with a warm look. It is the natural connection between a home and the outside world.


Timber production does not require large amounts of energy. The use of wood helps the environment rather than damage it.

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